If you urgently need a legal contract is drawn up correctly, we are ready to render all possible assistance. The company "Daniel" will assist in drawing up contracts and other legal documents.

According to the article of the Civil Code, which regulates the concept and conditions of the contract, the contract itself is an agreement between two or more persons on the establishment, modification or termination of the civil rights and obligations. The contract is the most common legal document drawn up between the parties.

Depending on the number of parties - parties, as well as on the proportion of their participation, the contracts are subdivided into unilateral, bilateral and multilateral. By the nature of property relations affected by the contract, they can be divided into compensatory and non-refundable. And there are subtleties and nuances of the contract or order forms and features of their preparation - a lot.

In order to make the contract properly and competently with the legal and economic point of view, and to avoid the consequences of his inaccurate or incorrect drafting, need qualified professional help.

As a person engaged in business activities, as well as ordinary citizens are often faced with drawing up legal documents, such as a contract to commit a transaction, contract or founding charter of the newly created organization, all kinds of applications, complaints, claims, claims for the courts, protocols, etc.

Therefore, our experienced professionals of "Daniel" TM to help you in the proper preparation of contracts of this kind, any kind of contracts and other legal forms in simple written form or notarization.






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