The company "Daniel" specializes in the sales organization, and offers professional services business process outsourcing. Increased sales of your company depends on many factors such as market knowledge, techniques and new technologies. Sales organization requires an investment of additional resources, time and resources that you could use for further development.

1. Sales organization and conduct business negotiations with customers and partners at all levels
2. Outsourcing of sales, the organization has a total product sales, contract sales for your application on behalf of your company in an agreed area.
3. Conducting a careful selection of partners and analysis of the level of demand for your product to potential customers in a consistent region.
4. A complete replacement of sales and sales organization. we have:
  • accept orders for delivery of products
  • allocate orders by number and date of delivery
  • Orders ship in a timely manner your company
  • our duty is to organize wholesale and timely distribution of finished goods
  • conduct monitoring of accounts receivable
  • provide verification of payment of goods sold
5. Increased sales of your products through a reliable proven methods.
6. Increase sales in new regions for exploration that you would have to spend a lot of effort.

We derive your company into new regional markets, organization of sales of goods will be carried out by well-calibrated system. Constantly being in the camp of the competition, the company, "Daniel, TM," exploring new more efficient ways of distribution without compromising your business processes.

That can mean an organization of sales for your company?

First, you use our professional experience in the field of specialization.

Secondly, the organization selling goods - a process which often arise new problems and challenges. We are constantly faced with different problems, we have developed turnkey solutions for them. We invest in our staff and new technology. Our main specialization - the sales organization on a high professional level.

Third, the ordering service "organization selling goods", you save yourself from having to purchase special equipment, to hire experts and organize the work of the sales department.

And fourth, the increase in sales of goods of your production will be the inevitable result of our cooperation.

It is worth noting that for many Western companies selling third party organization is the rule rather than the exception from it. Due to the service outsourcing sales producer can use the additional resources to improve production. Improving product quality pulls in an increase in sales volume.

Impressionable experience and developed new technology of "Daniel"

Outsourcing sales and legal support of business, distribution will achieve the desired increase in sales
Over the past 10 years working in various fields of outsourcers have been able to prove that the services they provide, such as for example sales and outsourcing of legal support of business or distribution is not an ordinary whim "lazy" customer, and assist in optimizing the various processes of the client.
Convinced of the effectiveness of the outsourcers, the company passed under the control of the processes that they distract from the direct activities. In general, all that distracting leaders, distracting themselves from the essence of the business itself. Companies have realized that outsourcing to optimize business processes, resulting in an increase in sales of goods, services and therefore increase profits.
Business customers (except for rare cases) is unique. And because the transfer of certain functions to outsourcing requires an individual approach, as well as strict adherence to standards and forms, statements and terms, compliance with the processes of interaction.

In order to achieve the desired result, developing the most appropriate algorithm to achieve the desired increase in sales, respectively, an increase in profits. - A guarantee that the organization of product sales will be conducted with minimal risk and cost to your company. Increase sales and improve the investment attractiveness of your company - our main task.

1. Sales organization (outsourcing) of your products, goods or services

Conducting successful negotiations at any level

Upon payment, organized by our company with turnover of your products

(depending on the industry and products of the Customer)

Conclusion of contracts for the sale of your application and your company in the Region agreed.
Selection of partners and potential buyers of your products in a consistent Region.

Acting as a sales department:

  • accepting orders for delivery of products
  • formation of orders by number and date
  • timely dispatch of orders for your specific industry or firm for the future delivery of products to the customer
  • control of receivables
  • control over the reconciliation of the payment of products sold
Derivation of companies in the new regional markets and the construction of distribution systems
Consultations on the development of the company or the management of the company's development in the region and in Russia as a whole.

2. Business Legal Services and Mediation

oral consultation
of 5000 rubles. / h
The development of forms of contracts and sales documents to them
of 3500 rubles. / sheet
Preparation of contracts of sales (contracts)
from 10 000 rub. / contract
Editing sales contracts, including the records of the differences
from 15 000 rubles. / Treaty or protocol
Legal analysis of sales contracts
from 10 000 rubles.
Preparation and maintenance of major deals on contract sales
Agreed, from 100 000 rub. / Contract
Representing the interests of the organization in negotiations with contractors for the sale of products
10 000 rubles. / h
Assistance in pre-trial settlement and the settlement of disputes and conflicts (mediation)

3. Subscription, a monthly service for sales

Advising clients on issues of sales, by e-mail or phone
between 100 and 000.
We work only for prepayment (a month in advance).
Customer Service during business hours only. We consider applications as they become available.
Assistance in the conduct of the Customer's contract, namely, telephone counseling, oral or written on the drafting of contracts, agreements, protocols, differences, by e-mail or phone
Implementation of legal expertise provided by the client contract agreements, by e-mail or phone
Checking the sales contract provided by the Client, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, by e-mail or phone
Adjustment of sales contracts in order to bring the past into line with current legislation, by e-mail or phone
Other services, coordinated with the interests of the Client


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