The company "Daniel" subscription services company spends on sales organizations. We provide comprehensive services to corporate clients, we take the responsibility and risk on sales, building long term relationships to mutual benefit and trust.

Significant experience in the field of outsourcing companies, the development of mutually beneficial forms of cooperation and constant search for new solutions to problems in today's market allows us to assert with confidence that the subscription services - a profitable way to organize the company. Outsourcing company allows you to make better use of company resources.
Subscription service allows companies to you at any time, appeal to our consultants with questions regarding distribution, clearance sales contract, checking documents for compliance with legislation, etc. Sales organization - time-consuming process, during which there are many questions that need to quickly find a competent answer. Subscription service enables you to get a professional answer and solution to the problem at any time.

The contract provides for the subscription service the following services:

Advice for the Client:

  • on sales and current activities of the enterprise;

  • Legal production and sales;

  • on drawing up contracts of sales (contracts), agreements and disagreements;

Conduct legal review of existing contracts, agreements and other documents of the Customer

  • Checking contracts for compliance with current legislation, introducing innovations to the customer in the legislation
  • Adjustment of contracts and other legal documents in accordance with Russian legislation

Business Legal Services provides for the signing of the contract, which takes into account individual client's wishes regarding the conditions of subscriber customer service.

The company "Daniel" provides high-quality legal support organizations (one-time support and subscription services) at reasonable prices

Subscription service customers: the cost of services.
Advising clients on issues of sales, by e-mail or phone
between 100 and 000.
We work only for prepayment (a month in advance).
Customer Service during business hours only. We consider applications as they become available.
Assistance in the conduct of the Customer's contract, namely, telephone counseling, oral or written on the drafting of contracts, agreements, protocols, differences, by e-mail or phone
Implementation of legal expertise provided by the client contract agreements, by e-mail or phone
Checking the sales contract provided by the Client, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, by e-mail or phone
Adjustment of sales contracts in order to bring the past into line with current legislation, by e-mail or phone
Other services, coordinated with the interests of the Client




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