Sometimes it is difficult to decide to take a step for the acquisition of an enterprise, even though the price is very attractive. There are cases where the question arises of how to buy a business with IP? But this is not a legal entity and the contract of sale of shares is not acceptable. The most important thing! how to be confident that the scheme of transfer of funds will guarantee you safe, and as a result of the acquisition is that what you paid.
If you decide to sell your business or buy a new one, you need to assess all the risks associated with the pending deal, consider buying and selling scheme convenient and safe for you.
Legal analysis to determine:
tax risks and their consequences;
select suitable business acquisition scheme as a whole and in parts (assets, liabilities);
Identify the need for splitting the business into different legal entities;
consider the possibility of outsourcing (O scheme of staff from the company);
work out the schema itself, determine the most appropriate form of sale / purchase of business.
see a weak (unprotected) side jur. person - (the founding documents, the interaction within the company for all services (local regulations), check the contractual framework of (major contracts)
study the history of existing tangible assets: - real estate, including land, equipment and vehicles;
study the history of existing intangibles - patents, trade marks;
The result of our work will be presented to you in writing to the legal analysis of the transaction, the risk analysis, a proposal to minimize them, as well as the proposed scheme is the most convenient disposal / acquisition of the object as a whole or in part.
Also, during the whole process, we will provide you with oral advice and support.
Cost of services is determined based on the amount of the deal, and depending on the complexity of the task.
You can choose a comprehensive assessment of the whole object of the transaction, or part thereof, for example a more detailed study you are interested in an asset (real estate)
Perhaps the most convenient for you to be an option, in which our experts will come to your office, or travel to the intended object.






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